No More Credit Repair!

You need a new car.  You want to purchase a home.  You would like a loan to give you some room in your business to get some things necessary for its foundational success.  So, what is the problem?  Here you are, going to bank after bank in the hopes that they will have mercy on you.  Can’t they see the trustworthy human that you are on the other side of the table as worthy of a chance?  You have been current on your rent and other small debts, and have no balances left on the delinquent accounts you previously had. 

Well, in our own perfect worlds, yes; but, in the real world, that would be a huge no.  The reality is, you haven’t proven to creditors that you are worth the risk, so if they do decide to take a chance on you, they are going to be sure that you really earn it!  Oh yes, they know that you are desperate for someone to say yes so that your dreams can be fulfilled, so they make sure that you pay a hefty price in the form of higher interest rates to live the life that you’ve always wanted–financed to death and happy. 

So, now it is your turn to take a stand and declare to do better!  You decide that you will fix this mess and invest in credit repair, so that you gain more opportunities.  You do the research, get a credit repair consultation or two, and happen to come across this DIY (Do -It-Yourself) option, complete with full software for only $199.  Wow!  You say to yourself, I can do this!  

Well, you can!  There are savings benefits to fixing your credit yourself, but ultimately, you regain the power over your finances that you previously lost.  

It it truly DIY?  Yes and no.  How is that?  Every step of the way, you have the option to request assistance from professional credit repair specialists at Kimberly Winborne, LLC and if you discover that you need more support than you originally thought, you can transition into full credit repair, having started the process. Working with a credit repair company truly helps to simplify the DIY process. You not only want to be fixing your credit, but also building your credit. 

It boils down to the amount of time that you have to put into it.  Hiring a credit repair company reduces the amount of time that it takes to correct errors on your report, however with the DIY option, you have that flexibility.  Your goals are the dominant factor in it all. 

Utlimately, as a Financial Win Strategist I want what is best for you.  I want you to consider what your long term goals are, and not focus on instant gratifications; but, I also understand that there are layers to your financial journey.   I am extremely excited to tackle this giant called debt, and help as many people as possible.  Being able to offer options like the DIY Your Credit Repair … well, it’s sort of like having a pair of gloves that can keep everybody warm; and, although they don’t fit everyone perfectly, they still provide the comfort and protection necessary to overcome the cold.

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