It was approximately 3.5 years ago that I was speaking with another business owner about all of the great local businesses that had come and gone. The conversation continued as we went back and forth, naming various reasons why this epidemic was so rampant. Think about it. A new  restaurant opens and quickly becomes your favorite.  You are there at least twice a week for months! You do notice that it’s never very busy in there, but enjoy the convenience. You tell a few friends about how great the food is, and invite a few to join you. On your next visit you arrive, friends in tow, only to discover that it’s closed. No relocation. Not closed for renovations. Closed. Gone. 

How many times have you noticed something like this? An innovative idea around for a bit, then gone forever? 

So, like I was saying, we went back and forth, and began to discuss how social media had taken over real communication. The word “Networking” seemed archaic and unrealistic. Many business owners opted to stop going to networking events and mixers because it was too much hassle, or they left with no leads. Time wasted in their opinion, and sometimes money. 

As the conversation went on, we began to discuss a solution for the failing business owner’s networking problems. Collaboration. What if someone created a model in which a community of business owners supported each other by referring within the community before going outside of the community.  Imagine the growth potential!

While social media has provided business owners the opportunity to create global networks in vast numbers, many startups have found that they often feel alone in the sea of social media know-how. Which app should I focus on? How much time should I spend there? What exactly should I post? These are just a few questions that stump the new entrepreneur into doing nothing often times, or doing a lot of the wrong thing.

Plugging into communities has never been so powerful for the business owner than today. There is money to be made, and countless opportunities to make with the proper tools. 2018 is the year of unparalleled success for the hungry entrepreneur who realizes the power of intentional networking. Not only are their opportunities to take networking to the next level through strategic planning, but that strategy is backed by amazing technology that helps to solidify the connections made. We must all understand and never forget that networking is about communication, connection, and trust. The business owner who understands and exploits the undeniable value in connections for their business in 2018 will find a financial surplus at the end of the year.

Collaboration. Connections. Consistent revenue growth. As one of the founders of Visionary Networking Circle, our model has proven to be successful for the businesses 

who join our community. That final C- Circle, which represents “Community ” is the foundation.  If I can teach you how to create and design your ideal networking strategy, you are committed to its execution, and plug in to a powerful community, we have together repositioned your success factor. It’s possible. Boy oh boy is their power in networking! 2018 awaits…

Kimberly H. Winborne, CEO

Kimberly Winborne, LLC

Visionary Networking Circle, LLC

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