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Financial Development

Financial Development

Business & Finance Mentor/Speaker

We assist businesses, individuals, and families in financial landscaping; the process by which we design plans for proper coverage to ensure income protection, wealth building strategies, legacy planning, investment mindset evaluation and development, as well as financial data reparation and enhancement. We help them to visualize what short and long term financial security looks like for them, and put it in place.

Personal & Professional Development

Personal & Professional Development

Design Evolution Creations

We all want to make money- bottom line. We are often limited by in-the-box thinking, leaving customers, affiliate partners, and other opportunities behind, as a result. We help you to maximize your company’s vision with out-of-the box thinking in three categories…

The Entrepreneur’s Lounge

The Entrepreneur’s Lounge

Professional Development Resources

We often stay stuck during our entrepreneurial journey. Getting started becomes a massive place of fear for many. Why? The access to resources is missing. Often times getting unstuck is just a matter of making the right connections, getting the right information, and finding a community in which you can thrive. We offer you resources to assist in that process, providing tools to overcome any obstacles in the process. Join us in the lounge!

Kimberly Winborne

Your Success Stylist

Kimberly Winborne is a motivated entrepreneur of 16 years, and the founder of Kimberly Winborne, LLC, a company that focuses on personal, professional, and financial development for its clients. She is also the Co-Founder & President of a business networking group known as Visionary Networking Circle, LLC, which supports business owners; and is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Kimberly believes that entrepreneurship is a component of financial freedom.  Her companies are founded to support communities through entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and education. She is a certified financial planner, coach, mentor, and future author who speaks on subjects such as “Faith and Finance,” “The Legacy Gap,” “The Credit Saga,” “Financial Fitness For Teens,” and more.  Kimberly has volunteered to speak on these topics at organizations such as Dress For Success, The YMCA, Future Business Leaders of America, NC Works Career Center of Raleigh, JAGS Prison Ministry, AGLOW International, and Southeast Raleigh Assembly (SERA) to name a few, and is the host of an internet radio show called Coffee & Collaborations: The Power of Networking, which serves as an educational resource.

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”Ok.. So I reduced the cable bill by 46 dollars 💵 monthly..that’s 552.00 yearly..👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I believe! I believe!”- Anonymous user
”I remember you speaking on denying self gratification….omg it has saved me a lot of money…. I did Not have!” – Gwendolyn Coxum, Salon Owner
”You have no idea how you have been a help in my journey to financial freedom Kimberly Hines Winborne. Thank you!!!” – Bambi Hill, Insurance Agent
”Good morning Kimberly, I wanted to share some good news. From saving just the few weeks we were in class today my You Inc account, hit over 500 dollars!” – Kimberly Dixon, CEO
Anonymous user
Gwendolyn Coxum Salon Owner
Bambi Hill Insurance Agent
Kimberly Dixon CEO

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