Personal & Professional Development

Creator of epic events like “Destress the SheE.O”, “The Praying SheE.O.”, “The Ladies Empowerment Tea”, and “Beauty 180:T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M”

We all want to make money- bottom line.  We are often limited by in-the-box thinking, leaving customers, affiliate partners, and other opportunities behind, as a result.  We help you to maximize your company’s vision with out-of-the box thinking in three categories…


We all want to make money- bottom line

Three Categories:

1) Event Management & PR
-Corporate, Business, and Nonprofit Organizations (in partnership w/ Vivify Events)
Includes everything needed for a successful event, with award-winning vendors of your choice; including leading caterers with multifaceted cuisines, as well as mixologists for all occasions.

2) Project Design Strategy for business owners
We help you to strategically attain access to your target market, designing the perfect accompaniment to your business model, and within your budget. We are your visionary guides to successful collaborative and intentional business and customer relationships. (Business launches, customer appreciation bundles, customer retention strategy, etc.)

3) Writing/Editing
3) Writing/ Editing
We design and create revenue growth opportunities by providing content writing and editing services for your social media, books, blogs, and all promotional materials. We make sure that you are communicating effectively, as the number one representative of your brand! Contact us for referrals and samples.